Kapolei Short Sale Experience Involves Patience

The Kapolei short sale experience involves patience as the process can be a lengthy one.  In a foreclosure the bank is the owner of the property, in a short sale the homeowner is still in the process but the sales price is subject to the bank’s approval. The bank takes its time to analyze each short sale, to make sure that the Kapolei property is not subject of fraud and to make sure that it is better off selling short than foreclosing.  In essence both the buyer and the seller in a Kapolei short sale situation are at the lender’s mercy.

The bank has up until the day of closing to change their mind, a frustrating element of a short sale.  It is very helpful for offers to be as close to the fair market value of the Kapolei real estate in question as possible.  The entire short sale process can run much more smoothly when using a Kapolei Realtor that has experience with short sales.

Contact me today to learn more about the short sale process.  Whether you are a buyer or seller, being armed with knowledge is your best tactic when involved in the process of a Kapolei short sale.

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