Oahu Foreclosures Decrease, More to Come

Oahu foreclosures decreased in November but more are expected to come.  The dip seen in foreclosures in November is attributed to the closer scrutinizing that has been demanded of the banks, but as closer examination failed to halt the foreclosure process many were released and hit the market earlier this month.

The number of Kapolei foreclosures stem from the origins of purchase, when many people purchased homes that were on the edge of their budgets.  A decline in tourism that has been felt from a national economic crisis has affected nearly everyone’s budget and Kapolei is no exception.

Foreclosures on Oahu are expected to continue to come in part because lending practices have become stricter and people are having a much harder time refinancing.  As employment figures improve and the economy picks up, real estate will continue on its shaky road to recovery.

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