Oahu Real Estate: Possible to Avoid Foreclosure?

When it comes to distressed Oahu real estate many home owners wonder if it is possible to avoid foreclosure.  In many instances it is most definitely possible to avoid foreclosure.  A short sale is one alternative to avoiding foreclosure.  In the instance of a short sale an Oahu property would bplastic housese in the pre-foreclosure stage.  The property would be listed for sale and would sell for less than the balance of the loan.  In the case of an Oahu short sale the lender needs to approve the sale of the home.

Another way to avoid an Oahu foreclosure is to get a loan modification.  In this case a loan’s terms are reworked.  In a loan modification often the interest rate is changed, the term of the loan is lengthened, and the monthly payments are lowered. If you are kept awake at night worried about what may come, please know that there are options.

As a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) I can help you manage your way when facing foreclosure.  Rest assured, there are options and I would like to help educate you on what they are.