You are invited to stop by the Kapolei Safeway on Friday, December 9 between 2pm to 4pm to contribute to the Salvation Army.  My son, Ryan, and I will be ringing the Salvation Army bell.

                Ever since I was a young child I remember the Salvation Army ringing the bell before Christmas to raise funds to give to the needy.  But it’s not just at Christmas that the Salvation Army helps.  Whenever there is a natural disaster, a fire in a home or some other catastrophic that event takes place, the Salvation Army immediately responds to help provide clothing, shelter, food and counseling.

                At this time of year when we give thanks for all of our blessings and our good fortune, let’s not forget those in need.  I urge everyone to give to the Salvation Army.  If you are unable to stop by on Friday, send a donation to the Salvation Army.